The Terminology Service provides widgets that are small applications intended to be used within web pages. They deliver a restricted functionality, often for just one purpose. After downloading one or all of our widgets, you can easily integrate them into your website with little configuration and programming skills needed. All widgets use the Terminology Service API; thus, you can quickly expand your local service with all endpoint information provided by the Terminology Service API. We will provide the following widgets soon.

Search Results

This widget allows you to search for terms from terminologies to determine their usefulness for your work, e.g. for annotating research data or collection objects to a controlled vocabulary (terminology). It lets you search in internal and external terminologies as well and provides some options to narrow down the search result.

Term Visualization

This widget presents all available details of a single term in a user-friendly manner. Besides a structured representation of the term metadata like URI, description or synonyms, two visualizations are provided. The tree view allows to explore the term within the hierarchical structure based on the "is_a" relationsships whereas the graph view shows terms with all existing relationsships.


This widget allows you to see information about a selected terminology to find the one that fits your needs best. For internally hosted terminologies, we provide a tree-view of the hierarchy to browse all contained terms. Additionally, you will find metadata and metrics information such as creation date, version or number of children.